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Having now overcome a number of technical issues, thanks to our IT helper Gabriella Holder, the website is now functional! You will notice a giant leap from the last post, during which time many things have happened, not least management work by both contractors and volunteers which has […]

Opening up the pond

January 18th: For some days before Sunday’s PLPT work party, the forecast was for day-long rain, leading me to advise potential volunteers that we might have to cancel. On Sunday morning, however, the BBC gave no worse than light cloud, so I emailed all concerned that we’d go […]

Clearance in Compartment 1

Over the last couple of weeks, some trees have been felled and ditches cleared along the PLPT’s NW boundary. The work has been undertaken by the owner of the adjoining land to protect fences from damage by falling branches and to improve drainage. Although this has resulted in […]