Month: January 2016


Part of the Openreach telephone line which runs along the seaward side of the canal sags perilously low and had become engulfed in scrub. We need these cables raised to make way for contractors to work on our land so alerted Openreach, who responded quickly to assess the […]

Managing the old tennis court

Historically, the thin soil over the tarmac remaining from this site has produced a flora quite different from that elsewhere on the Trust’s land. However, bramble and rough grass has begun to encroach on it. Cutting out the brambles along the fence line proved a tough job to […]

High water

The water level in the Canal has been high this week, following heavy rainfall. Parts of Compartment 3 (see Management) are also flooded and the pond in Compt 4 is overflowing across the footpath.

Looking back on 2015

The Trust has achieved a lot during the last year: denser scrub has been reduced in Compartment 1 (see map) and regenerated as more varied reed and willowherb Compartment 2 (“Tamarisk Field”) has been mown to restrict regrowth of coarse plants in Compartment 4, soil on the Old […]