Review of 2018


Compartments 3 & 4: 11 volunteers at work party clearing pond margins, removing bramble from the edge of the old tennis court and wading into the flooded ditch around “Glenview” to cut back blackthorn sprawling across it.



Compartments1 & 6: Steel doors installed on previously cleaned pill-box and observation post to adapt them as bat roosts.

Compartment 5: 10 volunteers at Work Party on the west bank of the canal to cut back scrub which had been suppressing reed growth.

Compartment 6: installation of interpretation board below Toot Rock.



This photo taken in June shows how removal scrub trees & bramble allowed the growth of varied wild flowers. The rare Corky-fruited Water Dropwort is over but the verge is full of  Tansy.

Compartment 4: Tree surgeon contracted to remove roadside trees from south end to improve visibility for traffic.

Compartment 5: Discussions with residents of Old Coastguards regarding drainage of their parking space on Trust land

Compartment 5: 10 Volunteers at Work Party continue to clear scrub on canal bank and face of Toot Rock



From the end of March to the end of July management is restricted to those operations which will not disturb breeding birds.

Compartment 3: Winchelsea National Trust assisted us with mowing rough regrowth on grassland.

Annual Meeting, speaker Alan Kenworthy




Compartment 4: NT assisted with mowing the canalside footpath.


The Annual Summer Garden Party at Toot Rock attracted about 100 guests.

Compartment 4: Our contractor mowed the Old Tennis Court very closely, allowing the tiny orchid Autumn Lady’s Tresses to appear for the first time.



Compartment 5: 12 Work Party volunteers cut back overhanging branches along the old Military Road & remove a collapsed bough of what is identified as a champion (ie exceptionally tall) Bullace.


Compartments 5-6: Clearance of ivy which is starting to obstruct the footbridge reveals that slats have rotted away. A temporary repair is made and ESCC Rights of Way Team then replaces them.


Compartment 6:  Coarse grass & rush is mown by the grazier. Volunteers at Work Party clear scrub and cut back another White Poplar in front of Toot Rock.

Compartments 2, 3 & 4: our local contractor mows areas of reed and grass, leaving blocks uncut as wildlife refuges


Compartments 2 & 3: 9 volunteers at Work Party, rake & burn mown material; cutting back hedge alongside concrete road.



Compartment 1: 8 volunteers at Work Party cut & bur scrub regrowth

Compartment 3 & 4: Environment Agency desilting operation.

PLPT Annual Photographic Competition  -theme: “Winter Sun, Long Shadows”. Entries exhibited at the New Beach Club.

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