Looking back on 2015


The Trust has achieved a lot during the last year:

  • denser scrub has been reduced in Compartment 1 (see map) and regenerated as more varied reed and willowherb
  • Compartment 2 (“Tamarisk Field”) has been mown to restrict regrowth of coarse plants
  • in Compartment 4, soil on the Old Tennis Court has been stripped back to encourage the return of dry-soil plants, some tall trees have been felled to introduce more light and the pond has been opened up
  • along the west bank of the Canal. in Compartment 5, some scrub has been removed to permit the return of the linear reedbed
  • the overgrown WWII gun emplacement in Compartment 6 has been cleared to permit safe access and reveal its structure

Screenshot 2015-10-22 17.34.23

In addition, we ran:

  • a walk to explain the wartime defences of Toot Rock
  • our Annual Meeting with an illustrated talk on lichens by Keith Palmer
  • our 2nd Photographic Competition
  • our Annual Summer Lunch


  • we have adopted an updated constitution
  • we now have a Facebook page
  • …and created this website! (still with a few teething problems….)


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